Nutrition for Injury Recovery


Get back into the game and properly heal with the right nutrients and timing

If you don’t have the right nutrients, you may not fully recover from your injury. That means scar tissue and compromised potential.

But with the right nutrients at the right time, you can optimally heal and get back to what you love to do.

There’s so much misinformation out there

Skip the confusion and overwhelm by getting the information you needDr. A’nna Roby is the only combined PhD/Registered Dietitian with all Ivy League degrees specializing in sports performance nutrition. She’s gone through the latest research to bring you evidence-based recommendations so you know exactly what to do.

Here’s what you get

You’ll get all the key information you need to heal and recover as quickly as possible 

  • Recommendations for daily grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrate
  • Supplement tips 
  • Nutrient timing recommendations
  • Nutrition around surgery
  • What to eat before physical therapy 
  • What to eat after physical therapy
  • Shopping lists 
  • Example days of meals and snacks 
  • Lifetime access to content and future versions of the course

As a life-long athlete since the age of three, Dr. A’nna has always been fascinated by how different foods impact our body. She started experimenting with different foods before, during and after track practices, which led her to three State Championships as a competitive runner. By 18 years old, A’nna was working in a research laboratory and published her first scholarly article in a peer-reviewed journal. Her classes and research at Cornell University were an outlet to expand and explore her curiosity of nutrition. Dr. A’nna took that curiosity and passion as far as academically possible, earning a PhD, conducting randomized controlled research trials, and as she says, “never stops learning.”

Dr. A’nna brings a wealth of knowledge into conversations with clients to help them live a high performance lifestyle by blending cutting-edge research with first-hand athletic experience. She actively listens to clients to understand their challenges and meet their needs. Dr. A’nna appreciates and respects that everyone has a different background and goals. For the detail oriented, Dr. A’nna creates a custom algorithm to calculate macronutrient needs and uses biomarker data to guide recommendations. But regardless of how broad or detailed your preferences are, she helps everyone feel confident with their nutrition. As the only combined PhD/Registered Dietitian in the world with all Ivy League degrees, Dr. A’nna is truly unique in her ability to help clients achieve their best.