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This podcast was inspired by my curiosity in several areas, some include:

Sports Performance | Sports Injury | Team Training | Recovery Nutrition | ACL Rehab/Recovery | Personal Development | Fitness Entrepreneurship

We also have 15 minute segment called “The 15 Minute Juice”.
It will be a continuation of the podcast just in shorter clips, answering questions on physical therapy, rehabilitation, Return 2 Play after injury, training, and all things fitness.

It’s fast, it’s concise, it’s informative, its’s JUICY!!!



Episode 21 of the 15 Minute Juice we discuss the BEAR ACL Implant w/ Dr. Sean Keyes COACH HOS PODCAST

What is a “BEAR” (Bridge Enhanced ACL Restoration) ACL Implant, how is the procedure done, and the history behind the procedure. Plus, learn more on our Podcast with Dr. Sean Keyes on his background and the importance of POST-PT programming. 0-10 introduction of Dr. Sean Keyes, his background and what the BEAR implant is, how the procedure is done, history behind the BEAR procedure, impact of arthritic changes later in life in those who suffer ACL tears. 10-20 Understanding the challenge of long term efficacy of ACL repairs, future chances of re tearing, high risk factors, trade off of BEAR vs. native ACL grafts, understanding causes of re tears, same location or difference location “new injury”, underlying factor still is neuromuscular control, Post-PT programming 20-30 Dr. Keyes explains how BEAR ACL is still treated the same as native ACL graft procedure, importance of early knee extension, progression of gait training, importance of early range of motion, Dr. Keyes emphasizes the importance of POST-PT PROGRAMMING, it is crucial! Digesting the complexity of the return to sport process. 30-40 Dr. Keyes emphasizes the sports psychology and mental status of injured athletes, athletes should be seeing a sports psychologist, connecting with your patients especially female athletes, understanding load management.
  1. Episode 21 of the 15 Minute Juice we discuss the BEAR ACL Implant w/ Dr. Sean Keyes
  2. Episode 20 of the 15 Minute Juice we discuss Sleep Recovery w/ Neuroscientist Allison Brager
  3. Episode 19 of the 15 Minute Juice we discussed “Recovery Nutrition”
  4. Episode 18 of the “15 Minute Juice” Dr. Mike and I talked with Maka Lange, Head Sales for DorsaVi
  5. Episode 17 of the “15 Minute Juice” we talked with Mike Q PT and Rob his strength coach