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This podcast was inspired by my curiosity in several areas, some include:

Sports Performance | Post-Ortho Sports Rehab | Team Training | Leadership | Success Habits | Personal Development | Fitness Entrepreneurship


Episode #40 Dr.Mike and I speak w/ Justin Gombotz, Account Executive at WHOOP COACH HOS PODCAST

Episode #40 Dr.Mike and I speak w/ Justin Gombotz, Account Executive at WHOOP.  0-15 Introduction of Justin Gombotz, background and how he got into whoop.  15-30: What the whoop score and metrics mean towards performance and recovery, why respiratory rate is important in recovery, how Whoop users decrease their injury rates demonstrated in the statistics of research, importance of sleep and the major impact is has on physical and mental components. You can’t manage what you can’t  30-40: Why use Whoop? The unique components of whoop that make it a powerful and reliable tool, the upgrades to Whoop 4.0, how coaches can utilize the Whoop strap, team dashboard and understanding the data for improving team and player performance.  40-50: The power of what Whoop does and how it can be implemented into local teams for educing injury rates, Whoop has an entire team designed to work with coaches and athletes to help them with on boarding during the team program Justin Gombotz, Account Executive WHOOP https://www.whoop.com/whoop-for-athletics/ (m) 860-316-7874 Michael St. George PT, DPT Staff Physical Therapist Ivyrehab Physical Therapy and Sports Performance https://www.ivyrehab.com/location/warminsterpa/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-st-george-pt-dpt-99a12587/ Coach Joe Hos, NSCA-CPT, CFSC Level 1 Post-PT Sports Rehab/Strength Coach sportsrehabpa@gmail.com 215.990.0153 @Coach_hos http://www.sportsrehabpa.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/joehos
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