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This podcast was inspired by my curiosity in several areas, some include:

Sports Performance | Post-Ortho Sports Rehab | Team Training | Leadership | Success Habits | Personal Development | Fitness Entrepreneurship


Episode #35 of the Coach Hos Podcast, we interview Joanna Goldin, PT, Head of Sales for DorsaVi AMI COACH HOS PODCAST

0-15: Who DorsaVi is, how long they have been around and how Dr. Trent Nessler implemented research backed tests to be used with DorsaVi assessments. Joanna’s history and how she became involved with DorsaVI as well as her background as a physical therapist. 15-30: Athletic Movement Index (AMI) Battery of tests takes 15-20 minutes. What patients are appropriate for the AMI testing, what tests are performed and at what stage in rehab they are appropriate. DorsaVI provides video analysis and a report printed out with the objective data. Different athletes and positions require different treatment programs. Current objective measures in the physical therapy profession are lacking efficiency. The profession needs to adapt and move forward with more advanced objective measures. 30-45: The wearable sensors can be used for multiple positions and even outside running. Some agility drills can be completed with the sensors on. The method behind how the sensors are applied and the easy to apply system. DorsaVi can be used in multiple patient populations to analyze movement. 45-60: How the system can be used for analyzing teams and illustrate the importance of athletes requiring a stronger foundation. The difficulty behind playing multiple sports and specialization early on is detrimental towards development of adolescents. DorsaVi can assess baselines throughout growth spurts and changes in body mass and height. DorsaVi is very portable, minimally cumbersome and easy to use anywhere. The report prints in 15 minutes. Physical therapy is slow to change and really needs to be proactive towards forward thinking. 60-70: Final 3 questions for Joanna: Biggest obsession, what keeps her up at night and her success habits.
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