Specializing in Post-Orthopedic Rehab for Sports Injuries, Athletic Development, Performance & Conditioning

Post-PT Sports Rehab Program…

Designed to Bridge the Gap between Rehabilitation and Sports Performance 

Post-rehab training is essentially designed to continue where your time with the physical therapist left off so that you can safely continue improving in areas such as strength, flexibility, balance and stability. 

Post rehab training does not  provide any aspect of medical treatment for a client’s condition. We may consult your physical therapist to get a complete understanding of your history, as well as any potential limitations and goals you may have. We are on a referral basis with many of the physical therapy offices in the area.

Post-physical therapy training will be tailored to meet your needs so that you can safely achieve the level of fitness and wellbeing you desire without injuring or re-injuring yourself.

Clients Include:

  • Professional and College Athletes
  • High School and Youth Athletes
  • Armed Forces, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement
  • Everyday Active Adults


This program is for any athlete who is 3 or more months post-op from ACL Reconstruction.

This program includes 3 Phases of training from regaining balance and strength to “Return to Play”. Also, includes ACL Injury Reduction videos and at home exercises along with an anti-inflammatory nutrition program and food log in emailed daily. 

6 Month Program (minimum)

72 visits (12/month)

Athletic Development, Strength and Conditioning

After an initial evaluation in which you have an FMS (Functional Movement Screen) performed, you will get an individualized strength training program tailored to your specific needs. The core focus of the movement screen is to emphasize movement quality over quantity, and to identify any movement deficiencies or limitations. The movement screen is an objective tool to discover imbalances and gauge progress with corrective exercise to determine an appropriate exercise program.

If you already have an injury, I can help correct imbalances in your system that may have resulted from these common ankle, knee, back, and shoulder injuries. 

Three Main Objectives:

1. Reduce injuries through proper lifting mechanics and strength development

2. Improve function by increasing mobility and movement efficiency

3. Increase performance with sound nutritional and recovery habits

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