“I absolutely loved Coach Hos’s ACL  RETURN 2 PLAY ONLINE program.

The program was designed with 3 days in the gym, and 2 days doing conditioning. It included a lot of agility, and just getting the feel for cutting, and transferring weight onto my surgical leg. 

It really helped me to build back confidence in my knee. The app was easy to use, with  videos that were easy to reference to check form or better understand the movement. 

I would recommend Coach Hos’s program to anyone wanting to get back to normal or high-level athletics after an injury.” 

Josee Steadman Colorado Mesa University Womens Basketball 

I tore my ACL in October 2021 during my freshman year of college soccer. Several people I knew who had gone through the injury recommended Coach Joe Hos. At first I was worried how my recovery would go while being away at school without in-person training. Luckily, I was able to begin following Coach Hos’ program in the app around 3 months post-op while away at college. The app was extremely helpful and allowed me to regain a lot of strength in my leg before working with Coach Hos when I was home for the summer. 

Over the summer, I trained with Coach Hos 3-4 times a week, He constantly motivated me to push myself harder and keep a positive mindset. The program helped regain a lot of confidence in my knee and  overall become a stronger athlete than even prior to my injury. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Coach Hos, without it I would not be ready to play my sophomore season at Misericordia University.

Caitlin Somerville-Misercordia Womens Soccer

At about 6 months post op, I was finishing up with physical therapy and felt like I was at a plateau. My initial recovery was actually much quicker than expected, but once the momentum subsided, I felt like I wasn’t making progress any longer. The exercises and routine at physical therapy wasn’t cutting it anymore. I knew a few teammates who trained with Coach Hos, so I decided to give his program a try. His program allowed me to readjust to the running mechanics I need on the soccer field and build back my endurance. He was willing to push me when I needed it, but he also knew when to scale back if my knee wasn’t handling the workouts as it should. I trained with him all summer, and now as I’m entering preseason, I know that I am prepared to step on the field. I feel more confident and stronger than before.

Annie Maley-Penn Charter Girls Soccer

I tore my ACL in June 2021 and had surgery in July. After finishing my regular PT and being cleared by my surgeon in April 2022 I still didn’t feel like myself.I played a few games at the end of the spring season and knew I needed something else to help me get back. I was recommended to Joe by a teammate whose sister had gone to Joe. From day one of training with Joe I knew he was going to get me back and better than I was before. Joe was honest with me and pushed me and sometimes had belief in me that I didn’t have in myself. After going to Joe all summer I can confidently say that I feel like a better version of myself. I can’t thank Joe enough for all he has done for me. 

Haley Lewinski-FC Delco/Penn Charter Girls Soccer

When I tore my acl I was devastated and I thought I would never be the same athlete I was again. It wasn’t until I started working with Joe that I realized I could overcome this and become an even better athlete than I was before, and sure enough after months of hard work and sessions with Joe I can say that I am back to where I was before, if not even better. I can’t thank Joe enough and could never have accomplished this without him. It was through Joe that I regained my confidence and believed that I could overcome injury and become a better person physically but also mentally.

Cole DelpCouncil Rock South Football

In early April of 2021, my entire lifestyle had been put on hold. 

I attempted to challenge for the 50/50 ball but as I was running, my left leg planted and I immediately heard a crack.

As I woke up, I could barely get out of bed to get dressed and knew it was something bad. Two weeks later, I got an MRI and it was revealed that I had torn my left ACL and meniscus. I was devastated. 

Unfortunately as time went on though, progress began to plateau due to various circumstances. I knew I had to change places and see someone who was going to give me that 1 on 1 attention and someone who was going to push me. I wasn’t in a great spot mentally and knew if I wanted to get back to being the player I was prior to the injury, I had to make a move. 

I had previously heard of Joe Hos through one of my high school and college teammates Mike Czajka, who had been through the process twice before. I remembered seeing some videos of the training he did and knew that was what I needed.

He pushed me physically and mentally which made a huge difference in my recovery. 

I can’t speak more highly of him and the work he does to help athletes like myself. If you are facing and injury like mine, I highly recommend you go see Joe Hos and you will be amazed at the improvement you make through his Return to Play Program.

Evan Kirby-Gwyneed Mercy Mens Soccer

October of 2019 is when It all began. I tore my left ACL and meniscus playing the sport I love, soccer.  At this point, I was devastated and didn’t really know what this meant for me. It was my 8th grade year and all I was worried about was getting back to play high school soccer.  

A couple months after my surgery I was recommended to Joe Hos  to help me strengthen and get back to 100%.  Right away I knew I was gonna come back better than before with his help. He helped me mentally and  physically to get through this injury and get me ready for my 9th grade high school season. I assumed I wasn’t gonna see Joe again since I was playing soccer again and had no issues with my knee. 

But in October of 2020, I was playing in a soccer game and broke my right femur. I honestly can say that I was kind of glad it wasn’t my acl again and knew it wouldn’t be that bad of a recovery.  It was a 4 month recovery period and with the help of Joe, I was able to be cleared to go back to play. 

It was March 2021 that I was playing in a tournament and halfway through the 2nd game I tore my right acl and meniscus. After it happened, I was devastated  and all I could think about is how I was never going to play soccer again. Mentally I was just not confident at all and right away I knew I needed to go back to see Joe. When we told Joe, he right away got me on to his schedule and worked out a plan for me. Seeing him being so invested in getting me back on the field and seeing someone believe in me that I could get back onto the field gave me the confidence I needed. Joe didn’t go easy on me and pushed me to be the best that I could be which has made me the player I am today. 

Because of him, I now believe that I am in the best shape that I could be in and am back to playing soccer stronger than ever. He has taught me so much. I am so thankful that I went to Joe and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. The time and dedication he spent with me shows how much he loves his job and how much he wants his athletes to get back to their sport. Joe is truly the best and will get you back better than ever!

Angelina DainoNeshaminy Girls Soccer

On March 19, 2021, my life completely changed in an instant, and I had no idea what my future held. It was a Friday night league game on our home turf, and I had just turned on my defender; after I heard the infamous pop, fear instantly took over. My right ACL was torn in half, along with a partial tear of my meniscus and three massive bone bruises around the same knee cap. I was devastated and helpless, but as I spread the news of my injury, the same name kept popping up: Coach Joe Hos.

I received my ACL surgery on May 7, 2021. As I progressed through my normal physical therapy program after surgery, which consisted of typical PT exercises and stretching, I began to itch for a more intense program; I wanted to get back to the player I was before, while simultaneously becoming stronger and faster. At the beginning of August 2021, I went to Joe for an evaluation, knowing in advance that he could get me to the next level. My dad and I were right: Joe was the perfect fit.

After 9 months of tiring yet engaging 3 day work weeks with Joe, I not only gained muscle and knowledge, but a mentor and friend to help me through more than my physical struggles. Being apart from the pitch for 14 months was absolutely draining, and there were definitely many lows alongside the highs, such as single-leg stability and control; however, meeting Joe and all the other trainers and trainees at FitLife made my journey through ACL recovery so much more enjoyable. On April 29, 2022, I stepped back onto the field in the 35th minute for the very first time in over a year, and it was nothing less than emotional. I could not have done it without Joe and everyone who has supported me along the way. Y’all are amazing, thank you so much!

Leah Schnee – Ukranian Nationals S.C. 06

In August 2020, I tore may ACL and meniscus playing with friends in the park. I kept playing on it until September when we got an MRI and found out it was torn. The first name we heard was Joe Hos. We met with Coach Hos before I was scheduled for surgery, and he gave me some prehab ideas. I finally had surgery in December of 2020. 

Coach Hos reached out to me a few months later to check in, and start adding rehab to my PT. He did my evaluation and found out that I was making slow progress, and was still having pain. He was finally able to get me in to see Mike for PT, and then things started to get back on track. My biggest problem was pain and getting my quad to strengthen. Once I started with Coach Hos, everything began getting back on track, and I got much stronger faster. I also improved my nutrition and got fitter. Even on my bad days, Coach Hos challenged me and encouraged me to focus on getting back to play. We had a lot of questions and Coach Hos found answers. 

He helped me to work around schedules, and keep track of workouts when I couldn’t come in, which was a huge help! Sometimes when I was frustrated Coach Hos would give me inspiration to keep meeting my goals, and getting stronger. I really liked how he used videos and social media to help me see my progress and show others. I am 15 months since my surgery and still continuing my training so I can get ready for college. I had no idea how many weaknesses I had until I started training with Coach Hos. Now I feel stronger than ever. Thank you!

Flora Hernandez – FC Bucks ECNL 04

In January 2021, I tore the ACL in my left leg in a small-sided soccer game. A month later I had surgery to repair my ACL as well as a meniscus tear. Due to several issues, I spent the next four months with two  different physical therapy offices. I didn’t think the physical therapy I was receiving was helping me. Or at least I didn’t feel like they were pushing me to recover in a sport specific way. 

My mom knew Joe Hos and his ACL Recovery Program and took me for an evaluation. From the first meeting, I felt like this was an environment where I could gain the strength and knowledge I needed to get back on the field. Joe worked with me and helped me listen to my body, even when I had a setback. He referred me to Mike St. George at Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy to help me through the setback and get me ready to re-enter his program. While this was a very difficult time mentally, especially when I needed to step back from rehab to heal once again, Joe was constantly in contact with me, my parents, and Mike to make sure that I was on the right track. 

Joe genuinely cared about my specific recovery and return to play program. He knows that every player is different and he adjusted his coaching and training to help me through my recovery. Joe has done so much to teach me the right mechanics to prevent further injuries and to challenge me in my strength and conditioning to get me back on the field. I took the field for the first time this March. I owe this success to not just myself for working so hard over the past year but also to Joe for his help and motivation. 

I really cannot thank you enough, working with you made the recovery process much more manageable, and being back out on the field with my teammates feels great!

Connor Victor – Warrington Force 06

I came to see Joe about a couple weeks after I was cleared from my third knee surgery. From being hurt off an on for 22 months I wanted a trainer that was going to push me physically and mentally and he did just that! A workout program was designed specifically for my own needs and Joe pushed me just the right amounts. With seeing him we strengthened muscles around my knee providing extra support but also increasing my overall fitness and endurance. From seeing him for over 6 months I have been able to feel so much stronger than before. He is always supportive, a huge motivator, and helped me become more confident!!

Margaret Wilde

In August of 2020 I tore my ACL during a soccer game. I knew right away that it meant I was not going to be playing soccer or basketball for quite a while. I went from practice and games to surgery and rehab in a matter of minutes. My life changed drastically, and I was nervous, upset, and scared.

One day, while my dad and I were at one of my post-surgery PT sessions, we met a guy in the waiting room whose daughter had just gone through the same injury. He told us about Sports Rehab PA and Coach Joe Hos. He talked about how awesome his daughter’s experience had been with Coach Hos and how he helped her get back on the field.

A few weeks later (4-months post ACL reconstruction + meniscus repair) …. I had my initial evaluation with Joe and started my ACL recovery journey with him. And it was the best decision my parents and I could’ve made. Without Joe, I would not be where I am today. His dedication to my recovery process is beyond compare. He takes pride in his athletes which is what makes him such a great coach/strength trainer.

His 3-phase ACL recovery program has made it easy for me to return to the field/court with confidence. He helped me navigate everything — restrengthening my muscles, learning how to safely move & run again, rebuilding my balance and core strength, and supported me emotionally as well. Building back my mental toughness was a big part of the recovery process and Joe makes sure to incorporate this into my training too.

Coach Hos, I cannot THANK YOU enough for all you have done for me, and I look forward to continuing my training with you for years to come!

Mya Aizen 

When I first started coming in to see Joe in June 2020, around 3 months post-op, I wasn’t only struggling in my recovery physically, but mentally as well. I was dealing with knowing my injury would keep me sidelined for my senior season of high school soccer, and I was more scared than anything that all the hard work I had put in to play Division 1 college soccer would never pay off. However, from the first session I had with Joe to now almost exactly a year later, I can confidently say that I feel 110% recovered. I’m so thankful for everything Joe has done for me, as I wouldn’t be the same athlete I am today without his guidance. I would strongly encourage anyone going through an ACL injury to come in to see Joe as soon as possible. I’ll carry everything I’ve learned in the past year with me to Farmers National Bank Field in Youngstown, Ohio for the next four years, and I could never thank Joe enough for that.

Maddie Angelo -FC Delco/Youngstown State University

I tore my ACL and meniscus in October 2019 and I got surgery on January 21st, 2020. My parents originally reached out to Joe and he sent us to Mike St George until i was ready to come to him. I have never been pushed harder in my life. Joe worked with me every week and helped me get stronger. He was dedicated to getting me back to play and being better than I ever was before. There’s no one else I would’ve rather had helping me on this journey. I got cleared to play in 8 months and I couldn’t thank Joe enough. Even though he’s a Judge guy Joe supports my Ryan soccer career in every way. It’s clear to me how much stronger I am and it shows out on the field.

I’m thankful that Coach Joe was referred to us and I highly recommend that everyone goes to SPORTS REHAB PA.

Emma Joyce

After tearing my ACL, I didn’t realize how hard the process ahead of me was going to be to return to play. Luckily, a teammate of mine who worked with Joe Hos recommended that I should go to him as my next step of rehabilitation. Joe’s training and motivation helped me become stronger, more stable, and more confident. He helped me get to the point that I never thought I would be able to reach again. @coach_hos didn’t just help me with my ACL, but went above and beyond when I had setbacks. Without Joe, I would not be where I am today, physically and mentally. His workouts challenged me and I could see my progress every time I went to him. I would look forward to seeing him a few times a week because of his outgoing and friendly personality. I’m so thankful for what Joe has done for me and I look forward to continue working with him.

Maddy Crozier

I had complex meniscus surgery in September of 2019. At PT I focused on rebuilding the strength and movement in my knee, but I needed something to bridge the gap between PT and full contact sports. In March, once I was fully cleared, I didn’t feel fully confident and comfortable going straight back to strength, conditioning, speed/agility and field hockey. @coach_hos was the perfect balance. Joe was extremely knowledgeable about my injury and the recovery process. He knew exactly what I needed to do and explained everything we did step by step. At the beginning we focused on the same concepts I did in PT but with more of a cardio workout. Once I mastered the basic concepts I got to advance to harder concepts. With Joe, we were always doing something different and challenging. Joe’s sports performance rehab was the perfect fit to my recovery. He worked hard with me so I could return to play, and was very patient with the recovery process. I loved that we didn’t just focus on my weakest areas, but we focused on strengthening everything to prevent future injuries. Joe works with his patients one on one, so the attention you get at each session is unparalleled to anything else. His undivided attention is on you and your recovery process. I couldn’t imagine going straight from PT to full contact sports. I cannot thank Joe enough for everything he has done for me. I would highly recommend any athlete coming out of any injury to train with Joe. 

Brenna Schoenfeld

After tearing my ACL and doing months of traditional post-surgery physical therapy, I was beginning to feel like I had hit a plateau in my recovery and was unsure what to do next. Finally, after being recommended to @coach_hos he took the time to accurately evaluate where I was, and we got right to work. Joe created a program that challenged me more than physical therapy ever did and was a great transition before playing soccer again. With Joe’s guidance, he helped me restore my strength, endurance, and most importantly my confidence physically and mentally. Even when I wasn’t sure if I could finish a workout, Joe’s constant support as I continued to progress always proved me otherwise. I truly appreciate how much passion Joe has for helping all those who come to him, and I’m so thankful to everything Joe has done to help me get to where I am now.

Makayla Miller

I tore my ACL in October 2018 and I had to get my knee in good shape before playing college soccer that next fall. I came to @coach_hos about 5 months post-op, and I honestly wish I started sooner. He not only built my strength up, but he also helped me have a good mentality getting back to play. His program isn’t just about making sure your injury heals, but he also worries incredibly about building your strength to become even better than you were. The one-on-one attention helped a lot and Joe pushed me everyday to be better. He cares a lot about his athletes and will make sure you reach your ultimate goal. I cannot thank him enough for how he has helped me return to the sport I love

 Brooke Steigerwalt

Thanks for all of your work with Michael and being a positive influence on getting him back on ⚽️ field. You really have a wonderful gift on getting these young athletes back to play.

Angie and Fred

Everything is going great so far, coaches are real happy with how I’m doing. We did our gauntlet yesterday morning, I did great in that as well. Came in with a 6:20 mile to start off so not too shabby.

Was named captain for the upcoming season.

Appreciate all you’ve done for me 🙌🏼.

Mike Czajka

I came to @coach_hos about 9 months post ACL surgery, and I wasn’t quite sure how to get back to being confident enough to play soccer. Joe made sure to push me each session, and worked to help me in specific areas that I showed weakness in. Being that I’ve torn both of my ACL’s, after my second surgery I wasn’t very comfortable with going back to playing. Joe helped me to build up strength in both of my knees, and has made me feel stronger than I ever have before. He really cares about each of his patients, and he made it clear that each session he wanted to see me succeed in order to get back onto the field. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be the one to really push me to getting back to playing. Joe is an amazing person and offers a great bridge between PT and returning to play. I recommend seeing him for any injury to get back to feeling even better than before.

Mary Duffner

Coach Hos and Sports Rehab PA  helped me get back to playing soccer at the highest level. After being told I wouldn’t be back for a year, I never thought this was possible but post PT with Coach Hos made it very possible. Not only did he make me physically able to get back on the field just as when I got off, I mentally became a stronger athlete after working with him. So, kudos and a huge thank you to Coach Hos.

Yasmeen Malik

I was afraid of playing after going through two injuries, a torn meniscus and a dislocated knee cap. I didn’t trust my legs, but after a few weeks with Hos my knee brace came off and I was confident playing again. I thank Hos every time I play strictly because I’m confident with my play now. The personal care you get is great compared to the rehab a college athletic trainer give you.

Steve Paul

Hi my name is Olivia Myers.  It was August 23, 2018, my first day of preseason high school soccer, when I tore my ACL and mencius. I had surgery on September 12th and so my rehab journey began.  I started PT, 3 to 4 times a week, one week after surgery.  Four months into PT my soccer coach suggested I contact, Joe Hos, a trainer who works with athletes post sports related injuries. 

     When I first started training with Joe, I realized I had a lot of work ahead of me.  My strength, endurance and confidence were definitely lacking.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to reach my goals and that scared me but Joe reassured me I could do it.  He told me I could meet my deadlines and goals if I worked hard.  He pushed me and helped me to gain my confidence.  Believing in him made me believe in myself.  I realize now that if I had just stuck with PT I would not be the strong, confident player I am today.  

Training with Joe was the best decision my parents and I made   Joe gives you his undivided time and attention focusing 100% on you and your progress. He puts together a training program specific to your needs and he pushes you to meet your goals in a safe manner.   It is true when people tell you that you can come back stronger but you have to work hard and, more importantly, you need to be smart.  Joe shows you how to train smart and that is key because the potential for reinjury is so high. 

Thanks to Joe and his dedication, commitment and belief in me I was able to play the sport I love the most, soccer, 10 months later with my varsity high school team. Our team went undefeated 12-0 and we were Inter AC champs for the first time in the history of the school. I have also returned to my travel team and we are playing in the National League for US Youth Soccer. 

     Joe – I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me!!!   You are now stuck with me. Lol.  You ROCK!!!

Olivia Myers  IMG_2327

I came to Coach Hos this summer at about 7 months post ACL and meniscus surgery and was at a sort of plateau in my recovery process.

Joe took the time to evaluate my situation and create a plan that would allow me to bridge the gap from PT to playing soccer again. Joe took the time to explain every exercise we did and was able to push me in a way that traditional PT never did.

Joe finds a great balance between pushing his athletes and making sure everything is conducted in a safe manner. I can’t recommend Joe enough for anybody coming back from an injury or looking to get into really great shape.

Joe cares immensely about his athletes and takes a ton of pride in the work he does. Big thanks to Joe!

Julie Rebh   IMG_1579

Coach Hos helped me train after my ACL injury so I could get back into collegiate soccer shape.

I’m writing this now after completing my fitness test with my best time yet. I’m grateful to him for helping return me to my peak fitness, mentally and physically.

Shannon McGuinn     Shannon McGuinn

The rehab process after surgery with a regular physical therapist was very daunting and frustrating because I didn’t feel like I got the attention I deserved. Not to their fault, they have so many other patients with different types of injuries on a daily basis, they just do not offer you the correct attention that you need right after surgery. Not to mention the lack of space and equipment most physical therapy places have.

Joe worked with me day in and day out focusing on exactly what I needed to get back to 100%. I can honestly say in the first couple sessions at Fitlife with Joe, my progress was far beyond then what I had done in weeks with my physical therapist.

Richie Mychack     IMG_0507

I met Coach Hos my Sophomore year of high school, he was the first trainer that I had ever worked with. Before this, I would go to the gym, bench, squat, try to deadlift, and maybe add a pull up in there for good luck.

However Joe taught me about athletic performance. Working with Coach Hos for the last three years has taught me so much about training for athletic performance. He has taught me about rest and recovery and how they are just as important to my performance as the hard work I put in. From working with Coach Hos I have gotten, stronger, faster, quicker, and more athletic, which in turn has led me to be better in my sport.

The biggest thing about Coach Hos is that he cares about me. Joe has helped me get physically prepared for the next level along with supporting me in a lot of other ways to be ready for college and all that its going to throw at me.

Charlie Trey-MastersIMG_8499

Coach Hos was recommended to me by my sister, who also is a college soccer player. I started working with Joe in March 2019 in preparation for my freshman college soccer season at West Chester University in August.

He divided our sessions up to include rolling and stretching to correct and make sure my body and muscles would function correctly as well as to prevent injury: strength and weight lifting : and conditioning. We increased our training sessions to 2x per week once high school ended and we continued to train until the day before I left for preseason.

As a direct result of Joe’s training sessions and expertise, I was very successful in my fitness tests. I ran the mile in 6:01 which was third best on the entire team. I was also continuously at the top of the team in sprints and every fitness test we ran. I also was in the top of the groups in the weight room when we were asked to perform our “maxes” in various lifting exercises. Coming into preseason fit and prepared really helped to make the week much easier to get thru! I am very grateful to have worked with Coach Hos over the past 5-6 months. He pushed me and challenged me at every training session.

Nicolette Harrison

My story is simple. I tore my ACL September 2017 and was not able to get surgery until June of 2018. It was now December of 2018 and I sensed I was behind. I called Coach Hos and right away I was in his plans. He fit meinto his schedule and we got started right away.

I could tell right away signing up with him was the right choice. I haven’t been pushed to that degree since starting rehab or physical therapy anywhere else.I truly enjoyed working with Coach Hos. He is invested and obsessed with his work. To me, it was important to find someone who was as invested in getting me back to the field of play as I was. I can truly admit that Hos was that guy. He’s an awesome person and continues to learn more about this awful injury which kept me motivated as his client.

If your looking to get back to game speed as quickly as possible, Coach Hos is definitely your guy.

Ake Elgayar

Tearing your ACL while playing sports is one of the most feared injuries among players. It happened to me in April then had surgery at the end of June. After surgery I went to rehab and was slowly getting my strength back. The problem with just doing rehab is that it only gets you so far.

That is when I went to Coach Hos at FITLIFE. Having trained with Coach Hos throughout high school I knew that he could get me to

where I wanted to be. After working with him I started to see drastic improvements in strength and in my mechanics of how I moved. He has helped me regain confidence and get over the mental aspect of having a major injury.
Coach Hos gives you the personal attention and coaching that is needed to help you mentally and physically to get back to where you were before the injury. I would recommend anyone going through a sports injury to let @coach_hos help you get back to playing again.

Matt Matwiejczyk

As many of you know, Bella Diodato had a soccer injury last October where she tore her MPFL and dislocated her knee. She had surgery shortly thereafter, and when she was ready, she started to work out with Joe Hos over at Fitlife Performance Training & Fitness Center. Joe specializes in post surgery rehabilitation to get players back in shape and back to playing form. He has been amazing working with Bella, pushing her where she needed to be pushed, and really focused on not only her knee, but all of the other supporting parts like her ankles, hips, core, etc. to make sure she could get back on the field.

If you know any athletes dealing with knee surgeries related to ACL, MCL, or anything at all, I would encourage you to to check out Joe!

Tony Diodato

Joe, thank you for pushing me to my limit to become the best I can be. You helped me to improve my game and accomplish my goals. I would not be where I am as far as my fitness level and confidence going into the preseason without you!!! Thank you for everything again!


Soccer player for Kutztown University

I utilized the strength, speed and agility training program for my son this past summer who at the time was a rising junior in H.S. The program combined core work as well as strength, agility and stamina training aimed specifically toward his sport.  My son received an amazing amount of individualized training with Joe who continually revised the workout based on his prior session’s performance.  My son found Joe to be motivating, demanding, responsive and educated on past injuries and their impacts on strength/play. We’ve utilized several of these type of programs in the past and this one is a winner!

Tracey Baxter (Mother of Aaron Baxter, NJ Boys Soccer State Champs)
Personally I think Joe was the difference for us winning the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship.  We were the most fit team but most importantly we were the healthiest.

John Dunlop    

Head Coach Father Judge Soccer
I started working with Joe when I realized I needed to find a way to get into shape for the transition from high school to Division I collegiate soccer.  Throughout the spring and summer, I worked with Joe several times a week.  By the time the fall season came around, I was faster and stronger than I had been in my whole life.  I would have never been able to accomplish the same results on my own.  Joe’s passion for training and working with athletes combined with his ability to find your limits and push you to achieve your maximum results.  His ability to tailor programs and match training sessions to individuals’ needs makes him exceptional.

Tracy Bienenfeld

Former University of Penn Soccer Player
I have worked with Joe since I was 14 years old, I have had amazing results.  I have improved my first step quickness, lateral agility, and speed endurance.  Most importantly I have maintained an injury free career.  Thanks for all you have done.

John Fazio

FC Delco Soccer
I am writing to give credit to my childrens fitness and footwork coach.  Joe Hos, is a highly motivated fitness trainer that has improved my childrens tennis both locally and nationally.  My son Taylor has been recruited to Clemson University, a Div I school on an athletic scholarship and in part due to his work with Joe.  Joe has the ability to give confidence to athletes through encouraging the physical and mental determination necessary to compete at a high level.  My daughter, Madison is 14 years old and she is ranked #10 in girls 18 and under in our section.  They both work routinely with Joe twice a week.  I would recommend Joe as a fitness trainer for any potential athlete or just to improve your all around physical fitness.  He has the ability to bring out the best in all and keep on shining through.  I highly recommend his regimen to anyone interested in self improvement.

Robin Lyons Cohen, mother of Taylor and Madison Cohen nationally ranked junior tennis players

Joe has worked individually with my son (and daughter) for five years. Joshua has played in 77-78 games at Duke, and the unsung hero was Joe Hos. Duke was coming off a final four appearance when Joshua arrived as a freshman. There were no obvious spots on the field, we had a team comprised of at least 5 national players, and nearly one third of the team has since gone on to play professional soccer (several in Europe and the MLS today). I will never forget hearing from then Head Coach Rennie when he spoke about Josh on television, “we had no intention of playing Josh when he arrived at Duke during his freshman year, he made us play him through his tireless work ethic”. Josh was the only freshman to play at Duke and he had very significant playing time on the field during every game of that year. He came prepared physically to play. Josh deserves a lot of credit, but Joe Hos gave Josh the opportunity to get onto the field and demonstrate his skill.  That is not an accident, Joe kept Josh healthy,  and he can do that for some other young man or woman, if you give him a chance. Playing college soccer for my son was not about winning a scholarship or turning professional, it was about getting a great education. Josh would never have been at Duke were it not for Lower Moreland’s Oberholtzer and Blanche, and his trainer Joe Hos.

Jack Bienenfeld (Father of Josh Bienenfeld)

We send all of our “baseball players” to Joe for their sports training needs.

Chuck Bushbeck    

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Area Scout)